Adolescent, Sexuality and Situations of Vulnerability. One Qualitative Study


Abstract: The present article is part of a bigger research about the Perceptions on the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents in a region of the Federal District. Because to a qualitative approach, based in the phenomenology research. Object is to analyze adolescents living this sexuality in situations of vulnerability in an environment of extreme inequality. The content analysis was used for treatment of, which had been collected in three meeting from projective techniques. Fourteen adolescents of the feminine sex with ages between 10 and 19 participated. The experience in an environment with social risk highlighted the vulnerability in the adolescents lives, mainly, when it involves aspects related to the sexuality and the conditions of health of the community. The results of the research brought up signaled the importance for the access to the information, incentive to the education, improvement of the conditions of health and the creation of a net of support, not only institutional but also communitarian. Keywords: Health of the Adolescent, Sexuality, Vulnerability