Promoting Communication between mothers and daughters in the family context: a qualitative study


Women's Health
health education


The family is considered relevant social area, where are transmitted essential values to the sexual and reproductive life of its members. The wife / mother is conceived as the most responsible for this practice, highlighting the communication with her adolescents daughters. Impediments and distortions in dealing with these questions can directly influence the quality of life of the family, which makes relevant to know the dialogue process on sexual and reproductive health between mothers and daughters in that context. The objective of the study is: construct knowledge about Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health to encourage the process of communication between mothers and daughters, starting from the experiences of the mothers of adolescents. Method: the study will be qualitative, based on Leininger’s Theory. Will be fifteen participants, women / mothers of female adolescents, living in Fortaleza- Ceara. The data collection will be conducted through the field diary, participant observation and semi-structured interviews. The phases of the study are: home visits, 12 meetings with groups of women and analysis of data. By knowing the experiences of mothers and the processes of communication in the family, we can promote actions of health education, encouraging the production of new knowledge, culturally significant.