Pregnancy and quality of life: assessment during the gestational trimesters


Quality of life
Women’s Health


An exploratory and descriptive study whose objectives were: to identify the Quality of Life Index (QLI) for pregnant women, in the first, second and third trimesters using an adaptation of the Ferrans & Powers instrument. The sample consisted of 198 pregnant women. who had undergone prenatal exams in basic health units of inland cities of the State of São Paulo. The mean of the General QLI was 23.84 ( maximum 30). Analyzing the General QLI, there was a statistical difference between the pregnant women of the first trimester with relation to the ones of the second. Pregnant women of the first trimester presented higher indexes of quality of life. There was no significant difference in the comparison between the pregnant women of the second trimester and the ones of the third semester, similarly to those between the first and third trimesters.