Growth of premature children with very low weight coming from the neonatal unit - a descriptive study


Birth weight
Child care
Pediatric nursing


One aimed to investigate the growth of premature children with very low weight coming from neonatal unit, through anthropometrical measures (weight, height, and cephalic perimeter) and verify associations between these one and the hospitalization period. Longitudinal, descriptive study, conducted in a maternity hospital and in the child’s home, in Fortaleza, from December/2004 to April/2005. A questionnaire was applied with 33 children, and monthly, the measures were got, which were evaluated according the percentiles of the child`s card, suggested by the Ministry of Health. The data weren’t statistically significant for weight and height percentile but was observed significance to the cephalic perimeter. These measures associated with the hospitalization time showed influences on weight, height, and cephalic perimeter percentiles. One concludes these children overcome the difficulties of hospitalization and present a deficit of growth in the first year of life. It is pertinent the systematic assessment of children’s growth to detection of possible health alterations.