Dimensions of Nursing Care from the perspective of the elderly in the pre-operatory situation: the Collective Subject discourse –Forward Note


cardiovascular diseases


The complexity of a cardiac surgery and the advancement of the technology involved, can hamper the nurse´s awareness, in the pre-operatory stage, of the different needs of the patient who will undergo this procedure. Thus, this study is an Academic Master´s dissertation project in the Science of Health Care from the Fluminense Federal University. It aims at discussing the dimensions of the care provided to the elderly in the pre-operatory stages of cardiac surgery, starting from the needs reported by the elderly. It will be held at the National Institute of Cardiology, RJ. The patients will be the elderly of both sexes respectively, admitted to the Institute for cardiac surgery. A discourse analysis of the collective subject , according to Lefèvre, will be held. The project is intended to bring contributions to the geronto- geriatric nursing through the awareness of the nursing professionals regarding the specificity of the pre-operatory measures regarding the cardiac surgery in the elderly.