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Awning awning is a self-winding rain cover is one of the best-selling products this year. The erratic weather changes make people create products to adapt to that change.

Awning awning shading sun

Self-draining canvas is made from PE plastic or more luxurious then PVC material has UP layer to help the canvas to be durable, keep long and anti-aging. This tarpaulin currently on the market has many different materials, the price also accordingly changes.

Awning awning shading sun

The color of canvas is also quite eye-catching, there are many colors such as blue, white and green stripes. The assembly of this tarpaulin is also easy, does not require much time and effort, so it is applied quite a lot in life such as in the family, garden, nursery, especially shops, restaurants, ...

    This tarpaulin shading sun and rain has many advantages such as:
    Quality tarpaulin used durable, firm, avoiding environmental impacts such as rain and sun
    Quick operation, only takes 10 seconds for you to drop down and drag up
    Spring force always helps you create a beautiful space
    Avoid the impact of the environment in many different buildings such as: balcony houses, villas, apartments, restaurants, pubs, ...
    Affordable, rich products

In addition to the solution of using tarpaulin to shield the sun and rain, nowadays, people use many mobile awnings of Danang, mobile roofs of Danang, mobile canvas tarpaulin of Minh Khang

The above-mentioned products do not use the vertical pull-up and pull-down operation of the canvas roof, but pull the roof in and out horizontally above the fixed metal frame.

Mobile awnings are more popular because they have many advantages such as:

    Creating a more open space than a self-rolled canvas roof
    Use in many terrains, many different constructions such as swimming pools, bars, ...
    Longer life expectancy

When talking about the construction of movable awnings, folding roofs, Minh Khang facility must be mentioned. With a long experience in the industry and a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic employees in the profession, Minh Khang's name is known more and more.

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