Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing has a new site and a new way of management

Isabel Cruz1

1Universidade Federal Fluminense


The OBJN  joined to the Public Knowledge Project. Now, the OBJN utilizes the Open Journal Systems(OJS) software, a journal management and publishing system.

The OJS  helps the OBJN´s editor from managing submission reviews through to online publication and indexing. It was possible because the OJS is made freely available to open access research journals. The OBJN believes that open access publishing at the WWW can increase a journal's readership as well as its contribution to the public good on a global scale. 

It is important to point out that in Brazil the OJS was translated and adapted by the IBICT. The OJS become the Sistema Eletrônico de Editoração de Revistas (SEER). The new OBJN with the OJS or SEER management system is very simple for the journal editors, authors, reviewers or management staff. What will change now a days?

1. Online Submission of Articles, Reviews, Abstracts, Preview Notes, and professional Issues
Author will upload his/her paper through the OBJN's Submission Section. On uploading his/her submission, the author is helped to index his/her paper to ensure the widest possible readership of their work (see Indexing below). The author can submit his/her papers, figures, and appendices only in Microsoft Word. The author can track the progress of his/her paper through the editorial process.

2. Online Management for Each Stage of Publishing
The journal management system helps editors guide a submission through the normal sequence of journal publishing.

3. Comprehensive Indexing of Published Articles
With the assistance of authors, as well as automated systems, each article is provided with a metadata record of bibliographic information that also includes the article's discipline, subject, coverage, and type. This indexing is adheres to the Open Archives Initiative protocol for metadata harvesting, and thus forms part of a globally distributed system for scholarly resources that can be collectively searched through the PKP Metadata Harvester for all PKP sites, OAIster for all OAI registered sites.

4. Research Support Tool for Each Article Published
A Research Support Tool (RST) accompanies each article in the journal. RSTs provide links from the article to related and relevant resources both inside and outside of the immediate realm of research. 

5. Email Notification and Commentary for Readers
Readers can sign up for email notification of the table of contents for each issue creating the equivalent of a subscription list for editors. They will also be able to post comments to articles, join in discussions or establish a personal portfolio of selected works.

Based in this innovation the Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing invite you to submit your research directly in the OBJN´s site and follow all the editing process.

Submit your research, discover the pleasure of publishing, and share your knowledge with health professionals around the world.

Visit us now: www.uff.br/objnursing !