Care provided by nurses to children and adolescents victims of domestic violence:a qualitative research


Domestic violence. Children. Adolescent. Nursing caring

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This research aimed to understand care provided by nurses to children and adolescents, victims of domestic violence. The project has been assessed and approved by the Ethics Committee of the Federal University of Santa Catarina and the regulation of research with humans was observed. The research was conducted under the qualitative understanding mode of interpretative comprehensive type, based on symbolic interactionism, the data were collected in semi-structured interviews, with 11 nurses working in public health services, hospitals and organs of protection for children and adolescents. The interviews were recorded, transcribed and systematized to avoid the identification of the nurses. The analysis of the results were performed using as reference the theoretical loving care and the concept of domestic violence. The results showed that to recognize the phenomenon is the first action of nurses care. Showed though that to welcome and solidarize with the victims and other people involved, are attitudes of compromise which can help to prevent further attacks and to support the discovery of new ways to live. Care also needs to be done by the nurse, with interdisciplinary support.