The communication between nursing team and the families of intensive care patients: qualitative study.


Intensive Care Units
Nurse's Role

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The communication improves the interaction among professionals, patients and their families; making care actions more humanized, diminishing doubts and anxiety in the process of hospitalization in Intensive Care Units. This study aimed to understand the opinion of relatives of patients in intensive care on the process of communication with the nursing team. It is an exploratory-descriptive research with a qualitative approach. The data were collected through semi-structured interview with ten relatives of the patients under intensive care, being analyzed in accordance with the theme analysis approach. The participants of the study referred to difficulties in talking and clearing doubts with nursing professionals, since they quite often are not present in the unit for visiting the patient. As strategies to improve communication, family members suggested a closer relationship between nursing team and spatial organization for guidance and doubts through a simpler and understandable language. The research contributed to provide data for the review on the communication approach given by nursing team to the family of patients in Intensive Care.