Reading as a method of humanized care in the pediatric neurological clinic: a qualitative study


Humanization of Assistance
pediatric nursing

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Abstract: Humanizing in health care, is the act of understanding each person in terms of individuality. The humanized care requires new organizational arrangements that must give account of this new reality and technologies relationships necessary for the development of comprehensive health care. Objective: The objective of this study was to know the opinion of the companions of children and health professionals about the influence of the reading circle on the treatment of the hospitalized children’s. Methods: The study with qualitative approach which the participants were 04 mothers with hospitalized children along with 11 health professionals who assisted directly the hospitalized kids. The activities were reading and telling stories complemented by drawings. In order to finish the data collection we used the semi-structured interview, observation and the medical records. Results: It was noticed that mothers considered the reading as a strategy of facing the hospitalization, transforming the children behavior. The health professionals exposed their belief in reading therapeutic assistance in the children’s recovery. Conclusion: The therapeutical function of reading proved to be an effective tool. In terms of facing the health problem and in the relief of the tension that the hospitalization event cause to the children and to the companion.