Profile of children’s families afflicted by an accident in the domiciliary context: a descriptive study




Accidents in the childhood, despite being potentially predictable and preventable, still can cause high child morbidity and mortality. This study aimed at defining a profile of their families, concerning family income, work status, maternal education and age, from which children had experienced domestic accidents. This is a descriptive study based on a quantitative approach. The sampling was 65 families of children currently attending two shelters in Fortaleza-CE, during 2004-2005. Parental interviews were conducted at their households, by using forms addressing socio-demographic characteristics and the occurrence of a previous domestic accident. Out of these 65, in 43 households, accidents had been reported. There was no statistical association between domestic accidents and family income, occupational status, maternal education and age. In 56 families, the monthly income was 02 minimum salaries at most, 27 mothers did not work outside their homes, 40 mothers did not complete the primary school and 15 mother’s age ranged between 21 and 24 years old. Therefore, by knowing the real situation of the children’s families whom experienced domestic accidents, the nurses can plan activities based on health education, which might prevent accidents and ultimately promoting child health.