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The caring in face of the finiteness in the hospital institutions: a descriptive study

Magda Souza Chagas, Emerson Elias Merhy, Ana Lúcia Abrahão, Maria Paula Cerqueira Gomes, Ermínia Silva


Issue: The death, although present in the health services, is considered a forbidden death, exiled, boxed and treated as failure, with few attempts and offers of care and preparation for the one who is going to die, for the family, for the professionals and caretakers. General aim: to analyze the death process as an object of daily care and hospital practice, considering death as an event. Method: the study will focus on the significance of the phenomenon, from a group of techniques; will be oriented by a quality approach, and able to answer to the theoretical and practical challenges raised by the investigation. A field journal and interviews will be used as instruments of data gathering. The subjects of the study will be oncology-hematology patients at University Hospital Antonio Pedro, Niteroi, state of Rio de Janeiro. The material will be analyzed from the sense modules with the analysis of content, according to Bardin.


Health Care; Work Process in Health; Event


Chagas MS, Merhy EE. Trabalho vivo em ato na defesa da vida até na hora da morte. Lugar Comum-Estudos de Mídia, Cultura e Democracia. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Laboratório Território e Comunicação-LABTeC/ESS/UFRJ. 2009, set-dez; 29:187-204

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