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Permanent education about the risks of biological natural disasters in sports: a descriptive study

Joilma Nogueira Espírito Santo, Benedito Carlos Cordeiro


Aims: To demonstrate and to report on the views of Physical Education (PE) teachers of the Fluminense Federal Institute (IFF, in Portuguese) about biological natural disasters; to identify and to describe the risks of misfortune in sport trips; to implement, through distance learning, a permanent education in health (PEH) system regarding biological disasters for the PE teachers of IFF, based on the risks found in sport trips. Method: This is a descriptive, exploratory study, with a qualitative approach, using field research, in terms of which PE teachers will make up the target population. The data will be collected in October 2014 from a bibliographical research and from recorded semi-structured interviews. The content will be analyzed according to the ideas of Bardin. It is expected that the PEH proposal will allow these professionals to understand and prevent the issues dealt with in this paper.


Biological Natural Disasters; Health Permanent Education; Disaster Risks; Teachers


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