The adaptation process of patients with venous ulcers to treatment with hydrogel: a case study – Preview Note


nursing diagnosis
nursing theory
venous ulcer


This is a research project of the Professional Masters Program Nursing Care of the Universidade Federal Fluminense. Whose goals are to identify situations in which patients with venous ulcers have problems adjusting to his new condition and adherence to treatment with the hydrogel, conducting a survey of nursing diagnoses and provide nursing interventions performed before the event of  adaptation. Qualitative and descriptive nature of this case study. Using as theoretical framework the theory of adaptation of Callista Roy. The research scenario in the sector will be outpatient Wound Repair. At the University Hospital - RJ. The subjects are 15 patients with venous ulcers using the product - hydrogel in tissue lesions. Data will be collected through a semi-structured questionnaire and analyzed starting from themes based on the theoretical model chosen. Results will be published and disseminated in scientific events.