Correlations between social support and the home nursing - Integrative review


Social support
home nursing
holistic nursing


Study of integrative review, with the goal to comprehend what the correlations established between social support and home care are. The databases used were MEDLINE, LILACS, SCIELO and BDENF, the describers were social support and community networks, and six more general terms. Thirty one articles were selected and analyzed. The results point as preponderant themes: mental health, aged, patients with cancer and family, mainly in informal networks, leading to thinking about the reorganization of public policy in health, in order to guarantee the access and quality in health care. Regarding the considerations about nursing, one believes that the nurses could be responsible for the reeducation of the population, concerning to civil awareness, by understanding the influence of social networks in the improvement of the health care that is provided. The guarantee of the advantages of these networks was constant, but the identification of which the developed networks are, after the eminence of home care, was not found.