Challenge for prevention and control of biofilms on medical devices and hospital equipments: an integrative review


Cross Infection
Drug Resistance


 The removal and prevention of microorganisms adhesion on surfaces of equipments and devices are an important challenge in the healthcare settings. It was aimed at identifying measures of prevention or biofilms removing from medical devices and hospital equipments through an integrative review of the literature with search of articles in the databases LILACS, MEDLINE, Science Direct, SCOPUS e Isi Web of Knowledge, from 2000 to 2009. The medical devices coated or filled with antimicrobial agents were showed as potential preventing practices of biofilm formation in the selected articles (13). The silver activity against bacterial growing was highlighted with suggestion of clinical use. To remove biofilms was appointed the traditional cleaning and disinfection associated to new disinfectants, but without defined protocols about its utilization to reduce biofilms. Given the lack of the literature and in vitro analyses predominance and, considering that the biofilms control may reduce the pathogens spread, it was verified the importance of more clinical studies about this subject.   

Key Words: Cross Infection, Biofilms, Drug Resistance, Bacterial. Decontamination