Patient satisfaction in the postoperative of fracture as nursing care: descriptive study


Patient satisfaction
Services evaluation
Nursing care

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The assessment of care from the perspective of patients provides information to evaluate the care given and enables the identification of factors that are involved, as well as work in the search for quality. It was an exploratory and descriptive field research, with a quantitative approach which aimed to identify patients’ satisfaction in the postoperative of fracture on the care provided by nursing staff. The evaluation was conducted with 22 patients in the period from September to November 2009. The Instrument of Patients’ Satisfaction was used as a technique for data collection and the data were analyzed using simple descriptive statistics with the support of the Statistical Analysis System tool. It was identified the fact that patients feel more satisfied with the trust domain, followed by professional and educational domains. These data lead to reflection, since the patients visualize as less satisfactory the skills of the nursing staff in providing information to the patient for care follow-up.