Family living through sickness and child’s hospitalization: qualitative study


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Problem: Brazilian family needs during the disease process and child’s hospitalization are not completed understood. Thus, it is difficulty to develop a family nursing care plan. Objectives: to understand the family experience during the disease process and the child’s hospitalization period and to identify what this experience causes to the family system. Method: it was performed a descriptive qualitative study. Family Systems theory was used as a theoretical framework. The sample was composed of seven families including five mothers, one father, one grandmother and seven inpatient children, who were three to six years old. Data were collected in an inpatient Pediatric Unit through an open semi-structured interview and therapeutic dramatic toys. Data were analyzed according to Analysis of content proposed by Bardin. Main results: the results obtained were clustered in six categories: the impact of disease in the family, needing provide care, experiencing the child’s hospitalization, the movement in the dynamic of family, needing provide help and support, and searching for homeostasis. The articulation of these categories made possible to built the category “Protecting the son of the world and not the world of the son”. Conclusion: it was observed that families expected to protect their children against disease, pain, emotional suffering, invasive procedures, and hospitalization.