Application of Neuman nursing process in the identification of stressors presents in the daily after mastectomy: a qualitative study

Pricilla Cândido Alves, Carla Monique Lopes Mourão, Marli Teresinha Gimeniz Galvão, Ana Fátima Carvalho Fernandes, Joselany Áfio Caetano


The aim was to apply the Nursing Process proposed by Betty Neuman to the mastectomized women in the identification of stressors events and coping standards in the daily after mastectomy. Neuman foresees the stressors identification through the application of a respected scientific method, which is benefical because subsidizes the creation of important coping strategies in reduction of stress caused by surgery. It’s a descriptive-exploratory study with a qualitative approach that used the Betty Neuman Model like theoretical framework with fourteen mastectomized women who participate in a support group. The data collect occurred through of a semi structured investigation questionnaire that produced nursing diagnosis that operationalized the process with goals and expected results. The clients showed to be with the defense lines of organism few resistents, because presented some diagnosis occasioned by stressors identified and related to the breast loss. Thereby we elaborated diagnosis, goals and results that to make possible the coping of stressors forces and the reconstruction of defense lines, obtained satisfactory interventions in reduction of stress experienced. It was found that the difficulties after mastectomy can be solution with a simple and no charge way, with a nursing practice directed to attention and dialogue using an adequate scientific method. 


Nursing Process; Mastectomy; Stress, Psychological

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