Promoting health in the hospital from the viewpoint of the nurse: descriptive-exploratory study


Health Promotion

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The present study aims to identify the vision of nurses about health promotion in the hospital context contributing for the reflection about these actions and the growth of approaches about nursing care in a critical and transforming perspective. It is a qualitative research, from the descriptive-exploratory type conducted with nurses from a public hospital in Fortaleza (CE). After the interviews, the information were organized and interpreted according to the analysis of the themes. The speeches showed an evidence of a broad conception in health. However, the strategies used by nurses on their hospital practice still are focused on prevention, treatment and cure of diseases instead of integral care focused on health promotion. Then, it is necessary advances to develop actions according to health promotion in the hospital context, contributing to strengthen the bonds among the subjects creating experiences that confirm the viability of those presuppositions in all nursing realities as a way to improve the life of patients in the places where health is the question.