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Quick course for authors: metadata for nursing research – update 2011

Dalmo Valério Machado de Lima, Soymara da Silva Santos


Problem: Historically, the inconsistency in completing the metadata determines the rejection of more than 70% of all health publications submited. Justificative: exactly two years after the publication of the first crash course for authors and of the editorial board change in OBJN is needed the instrumentation of the authors in order to meet the new demands of scientific publication. Aim: demonstrate step-by-step stages of the correct execution of the metadata according to the rules of OBJN. Method: A descriptive study presented in the form of the short metadata course. Results: blocks images and guidelines for metadata completing. Conclusion: The establishment of the guide reduces the completion time of submission, maximizes the visibility of the material submitted and the journal and reduces the rate of rejection.


Metadata; Life Sciences; Nursing


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