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Family management for pediatric transplant recipients with grandparents as caregivers: a case study

Ana Márcia Chiaradia Mendes-Castillo, Regina Szylit Bousso, Luciana Rodrigues Silva


Aim: To understand the family management experience of a child undergoing liver transplantation when grandparents are also caregivers, from the view of the Family Management Style Framework. Method: Case study. We used the referred model as a theoretical framework and thematic analysis as the analytical method. Data were collected through interviews and analysis of medical records. Results: The family defines the transplant as a threatening situation and highlights the conflicts between mother and grandparents, not knowing how to act. The consequences reflect the fear and uncertainty that pervade daily family life. Discussion: The evaluation allows a discussion about the influence and the role of grandparents when one of their grandchildren is affected by a serious illness. Conclusion: The use of theoretical models can help in the planning of specific interventions, though further studies are needed to understand the grandparents’ experience when their grandchildren are sick.


Nursing; Qualitative Research; Family Relations; Pediatric Transplants


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