Dilemmas and challenges for HIV prevention in representations of young Catholics
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Religion and sex
Human immunodeficiency virus
Health Religión y Sexo
Virus de la Inmunodeficiencia Humana
Salud Religião e Sexo
Vírus da Imunodeficiência Humana


Aim: analyze the process of formation of social representations built by young Catholics on HIV prevention. Method: This is a qualitative and quantitative study, carried out on Facebook and based on Social Representation Theory. The in-depth interview was used as a data collection technique, which was processed in Alceste software, allowing the analysis of lexical content. Results: The representations of young people about HIV prevention, shaped in the systems of cognition, point out that the object is signified as a phenomenon intrinsic to the sphere of sexuality, influenced by both the Catholic religion and progressive knowledge. Discussion: Influences on the formation of representations of young people about HIV prevention reveal dilemmas, pointing to the formation of a strange element due to the duality of structured social thinking. Conclusion: The influence of Catholic doctrine implies confronted dilemmas about safe sexual practice and interferes with HIV prevention: this is the greatest challenge.
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