Graphic projective techniques: applicability on social representation research – systematic review


Nursing Research
Projective Techniques

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Graphic projective techniques are commonly used in research associated with social representation theories. These techniques allow the identification of personality attributes that are revealed through the subject's responses to relatively unstructured, ambiguous, or vague stimuli. Objective: to check the applicability of projective techniques in social representation research. Method: Systematic review of literature. A search for nursing and psychology publications (Qualis/CAPES) was carried out. The keywords social representations, projective techniques and graphic projective techniques were used. Main results: ten articles were selected. The graphic projective technique most used was the thematic drawing story. Usually, the projective techniques are associated with other data collection techniques, as is advised by experts in social representation theories. Conclusion: The publications demonstrated the applicability, relevance and contribution of graphic projective techniques in social representation research. However, the validity of this method is still questioned considerably.