Application of principlist bioethics to public policies for disabled people: systematic review


Principle-Based Ethics
Public Policy
Disabled Persons


Objective: The aim was to reflect on the policies for disabled people based on principlist bioethics and discuss the applicability of the principles to collectivities. Method: It was conducted a systematic review in BVS-WHO and PubMed using the keywords: Principle-Based Ethics, Public Policy and Disabled Persons in the Medical Subject Headings. Results: It was selected seven studies. It was found that there are few studies addressing the studied topic and bioethics, hindering the development of strategies and decision making in health; and that principlism is limited to the context of poor countries and is little suggestive for populations. Conclusion: To the reality of developing countries, should be prioritized bioethics of protection and intervention, and in Brazil, the principles that should be dealt with are those advocated by the Unified Health System.