The care as a conceptual mark for dissertations and theses of a graduate program - a bibliographic review


nursing theory

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The human care as a conceptual mark is a theme not developed in the nursing researches. This constatation made the authors establish as objective of the documental research the analysis of the cientific production of a post-graduation course in the northeast about the theories and concepts related to care. The study was developed through bibliographic survey from studies conducted from 1998 to 2004,accounting abstracts from 150 dissertations and 52 Doctoral theses. The Sample, however, was composed of thirteen dissertations and nine theses selected according to the theme. The results showed that the care is a theme not well explored, because only 22 defenses were related to the subject. We concluded that it is relevant to conduct studies that evaluate the scientific production of post-graduation programs, so that we can identify difficulties and possible contributions, guaranteeing a better life quality in the production of nursing knowledge aiming at the humanization of the assistance given.
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