Trajectory of the day hospital dr. Elger Nunes: a historical view of psychiatry and mental health in Rio Grande do Norte


In Brazil, the mental health network proposed by the Psychiatric Reform inserts the intermediate and replacement services in the pursuit of alignment or resocialization of patients with mental and behavioral disorder in the community. Was adopted, among other services, the Center for Psychosocial Care, Home Therapy, Sheltered Home, Day Hospital and psychiatric beds in general hospital. In this context, the State of Rio Grande do Norte implanted the Day Hospital Dr. Elger Nunes (HDEN) in Natal / RN in 1996, linked to State Department of Public Health. At HDEN happened a multi and interdisciplinary therapeutic work, besides being the scene of disciplinary practices, and extension projects for graduate courses in Higher Education Institutions in the city. It is characterized as a documental and qualitative, backed in the technique of thematic oral history, following the phases: authorization of the interviewee, interview recording, transcription, textualization and transcreation of the material obtained. We used documents, ordinances, general reports of activities, among others, plus interviews to fifteen employees who used this service, being thirteen part of the multidisciplinary team of professionals and two graduation professors of health care area, nursing and medicine. The stories collected were organized according to the technique chosen, respecting its steps. In preparing the body subjected to ALCESTE computer program.Moreover, the trajectory of HDEN provides recognition of the historical basis outlined in the constitution of the network of substitute services present in the current scenario of psychosocial care in the city of Natal and in RN.
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