Women and health: rural women workers and experiences of violence – an exploratory study


This is a doctoral research project of the Graduate Nursing Program of the University of Brasilia. Aims: To identify rural women’s perceptions of experiences of violence in marital relationships, their experiences of abortion and access to health services. Methodology: This is a transversal and exploratory social research project based on Feminist Bioethics theory. Data were collected in two phases:  phase I – at the Daisies’ March, which occurred in 2011; phase II – at meetings with leaders of the National Rural Women Workers Confederation - CONTAG. We have used a self-administered instrument specially developed for this study, which contained questions validated in other studies. Results: This is an ongoing research. The participants include 800 women from phase I and 130 women from phase II. The results of this study will provide the basis for the development of a monitoring system with the aim of establishing equality and social justice among rural women workers
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