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Family care for children with asthma: a descriptive study

Neila Santini de Souza, Eliane Tatsch Neves, Regina Issuzu Hirooka de Borba


Aim: To understand how family caregivers take care of children suffering from asthma. Method: This is a descriptive study in which we used a qualitative approach which uses the Creative Sensitive Method that was developed in the Children's Program for the Prevention of Asthma in the municipality of Uruguaiana, RS. For the data production within the group of relatives, three Dynamics of Creativity and Sensitivity (DCS) shall be used: Body Knowledge, Speaking Map and Sewing Stories. The data produced will be submitted to the French discourse analysis approach.


Family;Criative-Sensitive Method;Creativity and Sensitivity Dynamics;Family Care;Family Caregivers.

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