Lifelong learning in the reorganization of work in an emergency department: an exploratory study


Research has revealed a close relationship between oral health and individual well-being. To achieve comprehensive care in an emergency department it is necessary that its team understand the role of the dentist, in order to make them the authors of change as part of a lifelong learning proposal. Aim: to use lifelong learning to reorganize the work process in an emergency department. Method: A descriptive and exploratory study involving convergent analysis and a qualitative methodological approach. For data collection, participant observation, semi-structured questionnaires and workshops will be used. The meetings will be recorded through the use of notes, photographs and filming. Participants will be personnel from the emergency department of an emergency room unit. Inclusion criteria are as follows: the professionals who refer patients for dental treatment, selected according to their availability for participation. The processing of information will be made using Bardin analysis and Augustine of Hippo’s theoretical reference. After this, study results will be displayed in such a way as to allow a discussion of the importance of continuing education.
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