Course for pregnant mothers: educational action from co-responsibility standpoint. A descriptive study


Pregnant women
Health education
Prenatal care

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Educational activity comprises an indispensable aspect of health care. However, insufficient practice of such actions is observed in the day-to-day of public health. In care for women, courses for pregnant mothers are offered, yet these are performed in a vertical manner. In view of this framework, this study sought to evaluate the effectiveness of a course for pregnant women, offered from a co-responsibility standpoint, at a Basic Family Health Care Unit in São Gonçalo do Amarante/Ceará. Nine expecting mothers constituted the subjects of the study, with data collected in interviews conducted between January and July 2006. It was found that issues related to breastfeeding, baby care and sexuality during gestation were the most covered. The pregnant women were found to be satisfied with the course, it being considered essential that this population have access to Health Education.
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