Forsberg´s maneuver influence in forearm Korotkoff sounds audibility – a cross-sectional study


Blood pressure measurement

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Blood pressure measurement in forearm is a polemic issue due Korotkoff sounds inaudibility in the radial artery. This study aimed to verify if a procedure proposed by Forsberg et al, named here Forsberg´s maneuver, could facilitate auscultation on the forearm. We performed a transversal study in 101 subjects at UNIARARAS, always take into consideration the ethic and administrative procedures. Blood pressure was recorded in the radial pulse by two nurses avoiding observer and equipment errors, using cuff width of 40% of forearm circumference. After a traditional measurement the subject was asked to clench the right fist, and also to compress forearm below the cuff using the left hand. After 1 minute the segment has relieved and another BP measurement was recorded. The differences observed between the two measurements (80.0% vs 99.0%) indicate a favorable result of the proposed procedure (p=0,0087), increasing auscultation success, despite lower rate of audibility than that observed by Fosberg et al .
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