The follow-up, in the family, of the premature and low-birth-weight infants that were discharged from the hospital neonatal intensive care unit: a literature review


Family Practice

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The study aimed to consider on the contribution of the national and international production about the following of the premature discharge of the neonatal intensive care unit and his families. The search for articles was realized in libraries and online data bases with controlled descriptors, in the period from 1996 to 2006. There were selected 20 articles which analysis allowed the identification of the proposed theme that we analyze the premature and lowbirthweight following; the care of the mothers to this baby at home; the transition period for house; the family and the premature and lowbirthweight at home. This revision points the importance of families participation in the care of those infants for to minimize the consequences of the prematurity and lowbirthweight, it providing an attention to the necessities from this context and it stimulating mechanisms of encourage of each familiar unity and of the child during his folow up so much in the risk ambulatory care as the primary attention.