Hypertension and Health Promotion: a qualitative study


risk factors
health promotion
quality of life

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Introduction - The magnitude of the problem concerning arterial hypertension requires not only better diagnostic and treatment measures but also points out the urgent need of primary preventive strategies. Changes should start in childhood and focus on lifestyle modifications and cardiovascular risk factors. Objectives - To recognize the perceptions on arterial hypertension and the measures taken by a community living in the outskirts of Belo Horizonte to provide early diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Methods - This is a descriptive and qualitative study. Data was collected by three focus groups that followed a schedule with guiding questions. Content analysis method was used to organize data, and analysis took into account health promotion paradigms. Results and discussion - results show that interviewed people associate lifestyle with disease. Although they recognize risk factors related to hypertension, participants find it hard to have healthy habits. They also mention social and psychological stress as important risk factors for hypertension. Conclusions - It is necessary to include a quality of life evaluation to guide professional interventions in daily assistance regarding public health services.