Technological assessment of the economic cost effectiveness in the application of stem cells in pseudarthrosis: an analysis of the technology in the care – Preview note


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The aim of this research is to analyze the economic evaluation steps of a Health Care process in order to estimate cost-effectiveness of Cellular Therapy in patients with pseudarthrosis and its implementation for the Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS (Unique Health System) in order to propose improvements for the procedure. Given the chaotic scene that the Public Health in Brazil is passing through, technological assessment becomes the best way to expend the financial resources that are progressively more scant. It is not enough to know the benefits of the use of a technology, it is necessary to plan and assure that financial resources allotted to public health be used without detriment of  equality, universal principles and integrity of SUS. The nursing professional must be interested in caring out and participating in researches in this area, in a universe of interdisciplinary performance, still little explored.