Home caregivers knowledge and practices of pressure ulcer: qualitative study.


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prevention e controle
pressure ulcer

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The pressure ulcer (PU) emerges for mobility restrictions and patients with these limitations need a caretaker. The study is of exploratory-descriptive type, with qualitative approach which objectives were: to draw the home caretaker's profile; to evaluate the knowledge of these ones on PU; to identify the preventions completion by them and the factors that hinder and facilitate when caring, it was developed with seven caretakers. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews with seven caregivers of patients with pressure ulcers, being analyzed in accordance with the theme analysis approach. The study revealed that most of the caretakers were women and daughters with knowledge deficit about PU prevention. As an obstacle of caring was mentioned the weight and as facilitators love and affection. We concluded that as bedridden the patient requires caring related to PU prevention, nursing fits there to evaluate and to manage the patients' needs and the caretakers, which will contribute to the promotion of qualified attendance, and will make possible for the caretaker to be autonomous in the completion of the cares.