Infusions failures in the use of peripheral venous catheters in children: integrative review


peripheral venous catheterization
pediatric nursing


During the time of maintenance of the therapy in peripheral vein, many problems, called as imperfections of the infusion, hinder that the therapy has continuity in a venous vase. Looking for to contribute and to add efforts for the improvement of the assistance of given nursing the child in use of intravenous therapy, considered it present inquiry with the objective to identify the available evidences in literature on the main infusionais imperfections related to the use of peripheral the venous catheter in pediatrics and to consider strategies for the reduction of the same ones. In the present research, she selected herself as method one of the resources of the practical one based in you evidence, that is, the integrative revision of the literature, which makes possible the synthesis it analyzes and it of the produced scientific knowledge already on the investigated subject. She proved herself that the main infusional imperfection is the flebit. In what it concerns to the time of permanence of the peripheral venous catheter in the venous access the average time is of 72 hours. Front the results pointed in the enclosed material in this integrative revision, is understood to be necessary to intensify efforts for the development of research with delineation that produces evidences relative forts to the investigated subject, mainly in the reality of the practical one of the Brazilian pediatric nursing.