Pressure ulcer in adult patients with femoral and hip fracture: a descriptive study


pressure ulcer
hip fracture
femoral fractures
risk factors


Fractures of hip and femur are an emerging public health problem, associated with a high rate of mortality and morbidity worldwide, with a high impact on the quality of life of patients. The Pressure Ulcer by (PU) is a complication that can interfere to increase these rates. Descriptive analytical study of prospective design developed in a university hospital from Sao Paulo State. The objective was to identify the incidence and prevalence of pressure ulcer (PU) in hospitalized patients with femur and hip fractures and to verify the association between some factors. Data were collected from 30 patients at 3 moments of hospitalization. The prevalence of PU was 33.3% and 26.6% incidence. The total scores of the Braden Scale were lower and differences were statistically significant for the group of patients with PU in the discharge assessments (OR=0,774). Low scores on the Braden Scale were predictive for the development of PU. It was observed that the Braden scale constitutes an important tool for clinical practice of nurses, as it allows the identification of the degree of risk for the development of PU, allowing thus the implementation of an individualized care plan.