Observation mediated by computer - a professional report


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New observation forms are being studied as form of enlarging the potential of this data collection technique. The objective was to describe the use of observation mediated by computer as a resource of observation instrument. The paper consists of the description of three points: the adaptation of software as observation instruments in researches; the advantages of such use; and limitations of the method. The noticed advantages are: it makes possible a complete observation of the users' actions; it records the actions as in the screen as the sounds; it complement and confront the collected information; it emit a digital registration of the user's actions. Related to the limitations was observed that they present a high cost; It needs the user's attention in the sense to activate the recording software; it depends on the reliability of the operating system that can stop and cause the loss of the recorded actions; and very big files. It is concluded that such resource is an important source shown for data collection considered singular in this process.
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