Life quality and the nursing interventions for patients with chronic skin lesion - a prospective study


life quality
chronic disease

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It is treated of study in the theme of the quality of the patients' life with chronic lesions of skin. The problem of the study consisted of knowing which the variation is in the physical domain of the quality of patients' life with chronic lesions of skin when assisted at a nursing clinic? The objective was to analyze the variations of the physical domain of the quality of life of those patient ones. The study is a prospective, observacional with intervention model and quantitative analysis. a protocol was elaborated to standardize the treatment of the lesion and after applied the questionnaire WHOQOL-bref in the period of six months corresponding to 20 consultations. The results show that in the facet pain the nursing treatment didn't provoke the decrease of the pain. In the facets Dependence for treatment, Mobility and the locomotion capacity and Capacity for the work there is more subject with the perception more developed concerning the limitations imposed by the chronic disease. The changes in the life quality didn't show so expressive after the treatment maybe due to the limitations of time of the study as for the socioeconomic condition of the population that is very precarious.
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