Interview as a technique of qualitative research - a literature review


data collection
qualitative research

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ABSTRACT:There are many methods and techniques of data collection in qualitative research to apprehend the aspects of subjectivity of the participant subjects. We can mention the most well-known among them: participative observation, life story, oral story and interview. These techniques favor the agents’ intervention in their reality and it creates the conditions for transformation of the studied contexts. This study had as objective to reflect on the interview technique starting from a literature review considering it as an important instrument for data collection in the qualitative research. We elaborated two boards: the first one regarding the main authors studied and the other synthesized the most relevant aspects on the theme. In dealing with interview, almost all the authors recognize that it crosses the limits of one technique. In the qualitative research, where the researcher is more in charge of the depth of the study object, the interview is an indispensable instrument, because it can facilitate the detailed understanding of the beliefs, feelings, attitudes and values.
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