Reflections about the tutor in a university hospital: a case study


Originated from the dissertation of the Professional Master in Education in Health of the Federal Fluminense University, this study aims to analyze the professional practice of the tutors from the infectology sector in terms of graduate students in a University Hospital (HU). Its specific aims are to describe the profile of tutors and the practices of teaching-service integration that have developed in the infectology sector of HU. This is a descriptive study with a qualitative approach, where we will undertake semi-structured interviews with tutors, teachers and students who are engaged in this sector.  These will be undertaken in an HU in the metropolitan region in the state of Rio de Janeiro. We will analyze the data collected in the light of the concepts related to French Institutional Analysis. The ethical aspects will be respected in accordance with resolution 196/96 of the National Health Council (CSN)
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