Prevention of diabetes mellitus type 2 in women with history of gestational diabetes. A descriptive study


health promotion
gestational diabetes
diabetes mellitus

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This study had the objective of assessing the risk factor to the development of the diabetes mellitus type 2, which the women with history of gestational diabetes assisted for the Program of Systematized Assistance Diabetic Pregnant of the Special Service of Endocrinology and Metabology of Hospital of the Clinics of the Federal University from Minas Gerais show to prevention of the same. The data were in couters of women’s interview and workshop. The results showed that more than 60% of the women don’t receive accompaniment in the basic service of health and they d’t do control periodic glucose. They talked that have difficult of access at service and they have that wait nuch time to mark the consultation with specialist. We perceive that 67% don’t realise care themselve activities and 34% are sedentary explaining away for the failure of time because of the children. We observed even that 56% of the women had more than 40 years old, 67% had surpeso and 68% bringed up abdominal perimeter above 88 centimetres. Observe the necessity of intensify the women’s accompanyig with gestational diabetes history caring of other risk factors that can provoke the diabetes mellitus type 2. We believe that this study can cuntribute to the programs implantation of women’assistence with gestational diabetes history to their accompaniment soon after of the childbirth and collaborate to definition of some directives to the work of the nurse and by half health professinals.
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