The Vaccination Situation of Nursing Students and Adhesion to the Adult Immunization Program. An exploratory study


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The objective of this exploratory, transversal, and descriptive study was to identify the vaccination situation of Nursing students and their adhesion the Adult Immunization Program, defined by the Ministry of Health. The population of the study was 278 adults, distributed within the undergraduate and graduate Nursing schools. Analysis of their Vaccination Cards was in order to collect the data, followed by a classification of their vaccination situation into three categories: Immunized, Incomplete or Belated Scheme, and Non-Vaccinated. Of the total, 15.5% were classified as immunized; 51.8% fit into the incomplete or belated classification; and 32.7% were non-vaccinated students. The results demonstrate that the vaccination situation of nursing students is characterized by incomplete schemes and low adhesion to the National Immunization Program. The authors suggest that this theme is given greater relevance during the academic education of nurses, via partnerships with health services and municipal Immunization Divisions.
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