Shares of basic early detection and risk factors for breast cancer in women at basic health unit of Fortaleza, Ceara


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The breast cancer, in Brazil, has been constituted as a serious public health problem, not only by the crescent number of cases diagnosed each year, but also by the financial investment that is necessary to solve the issues of diagnosis and treatment. In front of the reality in our city, characterized by a crescent number of appearance of new cases of breast cancer in very advanced stages, it is necessary to realized a search that promotion the female population, basic knowledge related to the actions of precocious detection and risk factors for breast cancer. Aimed to evaluate actions for precocious detection and risk factors for breast cancer in women’s attended at a Basic Health Unit, Fortaleza, Ceará. It’s a quantitative study, transversal with a descriptive and analytical approach. The research will be developed in a Basic Health Unit in the Family, the Executive Regional Secretary III of the city of Fortaleza-Ce. The population of this study was based on the amount of attendance realized by nurses to women seeking gynecological consultations at UBS. The search will be realized after the marking of consultations, which has an mean number of 40 gynecological attendances per week, totaling 1920 women per year.After the statistical calculations its found the size of the sample, as such, women = 320. For data collection will be realized a semi-structured interviews with women who is in the waiting room, for gynecological attendance, as the day set for the realization of the collection. The treatment of the quantitative dates will be realized through the programs: Excel, Word and SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) for Windows, version 16.0, which will be built the database, for analysis of the results.