Alterations in the way of living of elderly people with cancer


Health Education

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Due to the new breakthroughs on health and the population aging, it has become important carrying out studies on the field of oncology. This research is of the case study type and qualitative character with the general objective of identifying the alterations in the way of living of elderly people with cancer in their domicile. Visits were made to fifteen elderly with cancer in their domicile when the semi-structured interview was utilized. The following categories have arisen: “Experiencing the Disease”, “Perception of the Elderly about the Disease”, “The Impact of the Diagnosis” and “Alterations in the Way of Living”, related to their respective themes. Studies like this contribute for the construction of knowledge in the field of health education and can help the elderly with cancer and their families to manage their care. In the clinical practice, they will contribute to avoid further hospital admittances and, consequently, to improve the quality of life of the elderly.