Women who take pap smear in Fortaleza - social and sexual characterization. 


Uterine Cervical Neoplasms
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Considering the epidemiological relevance and the mortality of Uterine Cervix Cancer, the aim of this study is know the gynecological profile of women who take Pap smear in a basic unit of a metropolitan area. This is an exploratory study, with quantitative approach and traversal outlining which took place in a Center of Natural Childbirth with 72 women. The data was collected during the women’s appointment and the through analysis of the charts. It was found that most women had up to 40 years of age (42; 58,5%), with low education degree (44; 61,1%), married (39; 54,2%), with menarche from 10 to 13 years (36; 50%) and first sexual relation between 12 and 19 years (46; 63,9%). It was also found that some did not  use contraceptive method (30; 41,7%), maintained vaginal only sexual relations (39; 54,1%) and did the Pap smear test annually (38; 53%). Its was observed a good adhesion to the Pap smear test by the women, even though not obeying a regular periodicity. These particular studies are of great importance, because it pounts out characteristics that interfere in the woman's health and make it possible for the health professionals to recognize what needs to be improved, together with the satisfactory characteristics in the development of these women's health.