Parturient´s companion and their relationship with the nursing team: a qualitative study.


Women´s health

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The participation of the parturient´s companion of choice during the birth process was pointed as one of the factors that contribute for a humanized childbirth. The aim of this study was to identify the nursing team’s perceptions regarding the presence of the companion during childbirth. This descriptive qualitative research was carried through the months of May and June of 2008 with 15 members of the nursing team who give assistance to women in labor in a maternity of reference in Fortaleza. The data was collected from interviews, free observations and standards and routines of the institution and analyzed according to Bardin’s method. Although the lack of a previous preparation of the companion was the main difficulty pointed out, the interviews revealed a good acceptance of these companions from the nursing team’s behalf. There are evidence of the benefits that the companions’ presence are decisive to the humanized birth assistance, so it must be pointed out that individual resistance attitudes towards the companions presence need to be overcomed in order to achieve success in this assistencial proposal.