Prevalence hypertensive syndrome gestational in maternity reference: descriptive study


maternal welfare

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Introduction: Hypertensive Syndrome during pregnancy (HSP) has been characterized as the major cause for maternal morbimortality; although many public policies have been established to improve the quality of life for women during their pregnancy and postpartum, we can observe that the statistics do not indicate a satisfactory reduction of these complications. Objectives: The aims of this study was to characterize the epidemiological profile of pregnant women, and to investigate the prevalence of HSP cases in a maternity clinic in the city of Fortaleza. Method: The study is transversal and retrospective. The data were collected from the statement of live birth and the mothers' records in a maternity clinic in Fortaleza from March to November of 2009. Results: The incidence of HSP was 32.7 cases per 100 women admitted at the clinic. The most frequent clinical form was pre-eclampsia, most women made use of antihypertensive and of magnesium sulfate during hospitalization. Conclusion: The study noted a very high prevalence of HSP and the this affects mainly women between 20 and 34 years, low schooling and unmarried.