Vol 9, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


Five new ways to use nursing research at the point-of-care: tips for fast search, specific and highly relevant HTML
Isabel CF da Cruz

Invited Editorial

Evidence-based practice HTML
Sandeep Moola

Original Articles

What adolescents think of religious groups on sexuality: action research HTML
Adriana Gomes Nogueira Ferreira, Neiva Francenely da Cunha Vieira, Patrícia Neyva da Costa Pinheiro
Interface between gender and mental health in the voice of alcoholics: qualitative study HTML
Helder de Pádua Lima, Violante Augusta Batista Braga, Fabiane do Amaral Gubert
The art of therapeutic letters in caring for grieving families HTML
Regina Szylit Bousso, Lucía Silva, Ana Márcia Chiaradia Mendes-Castilho
Training of academic nurses: the need to place in the curriculum of the subject of human sexuality HTML
Rúbia Aguiar Alencar, Suely Itsuko Ciosak, Sônia Maria Villela Bueno
Experiencing body preparation after death: based on Maurice Merleau-Ponty HTML
Argelda Maria Cortes Guimarães, Marina Borges Teixeira
Reading as a method of humanized care in the pediatric neurological clinic: a qualitative study HTML
Regina Célia Carvalho da Silva, Emanuela de Norões Brito Oliveira, Maristela Inês Osawa Chagas, Sandra Maria de Melo Sousa, Thamy Braga Rodrigues, Dayse Paixão e Vasconcelos
Family living through sickness and child’s hospitalization: qualitative study HTML
Lidiane Ferreira Schultz, Ana Llonch Sabates
An overview of the attention given to newborn children: descriptive study. HTML
Rossana Marchese Bittencourt, Maria Aparecida Munhoz Gaíva, Michelly Kim de Oliveira Rosa
Profile of intravenous therapy in a pediatric university hospital and association with the occurrence of infusion failures: quantitative study HTML
Tathiana Silva de Souza Martins, Zenith Rosa Silvino, Leandro Silva Dias
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and race/color in Brazil from 2000 to 2007: a cross-sectional and ecological analysis HTML
Maria Jacirema Ferreira Gonçalves, Jacqueline Furtado Vital
Life history of diabetics with injuries in feet: qualitative study HTML
Ricardo Castanho Moreira, Maria de Freitas Lourenço Piassa, Flávia Teixeira Ribeiro Silva, Maria do Carmo Lourenço Haddad, Maria de Fátima Mantovani
Growth and feeding practices to newborn with very low weight along the first year of life – descriptive study HTML
Anelize Helena Sassá, Kayna Trombini Schmidt, Elen Ferraz Teston, Sonia Silva Marcon
Hospital morbidity before and after vaccination program against rotavirus in the state of Paraná-Brazil: exploratory-descriptive study HTML
Leidyani Karina Rissardo, Mara Cristina Ribeiro Furlan, Sonia Silva Marcon, Ana Lúcia Mendes Ferrer, Raquel Gusmão Oliveira
Health promotion and nurse facing newborn pain in the neonatal unit: an exploratory-descriptive study HTML
Ana Luiza Paula de Aguiar Lélis, Leiliane Martins Farias, Cristiana Brasil de Alemida Rebouças, Maria Vera Lúcia Moreira Leitão Cardoso
Hability of aged to perform activities of daily living: a descriptive study HTML
Simone Souza Nascimento, Luciano Ramos de Lima, Cris Renata Grou Volpe, Silvana Schwerz Funghetto, Margo Gomes de Oliveira Karnikowiski, Marina Morato Stival

Review Articles

Nursing care to patients with stroke: an integrative review HTML
Suzana Maria Bianchini, Cristina Maria Galvão, Edna Apparecida Moura Arcuri
Risk Of Infection In Central Venous Catheter: Review Study To Nursing Care HTML
Milena da Rocha de Andrade, Hamanda Garcia Silva, Beatriz Guitton Renaud Baptista Oliveira, Isabel Cristina Fonseca Cruz
Graphic projective techniques: applicability on social representation research – systematic review HTML
Maria da Conceição Costa Rivemales, Gilmara Ribeiro Santos Rodrigues, Mirian Santos Paiva

Research Notes

Impact of the compulsory school vaccination against hepatitis B in adolescents: exploratory-descriptive study HTML
Mara Cristina Ribeiro Furlan, Leidyani Karina Rissardo, Ana Lúcia Mendes Ferrer, Raquel Gusmão Oliveira, Sonia Silva Marcon
Information system as tool for planning and assessment of health services: descriptive study HTML
Richele Teixeira de Lima, Gabriela Maria Cavalcanti Costa, Inacia Sátiro Xavier de França, Francisco Stélio de Sousa, Alexsandro Silva Coura
Patient satisfaction in the postoperative of fracture as nursing care: descriptive study HTML
Rosângela Marion da Silva, Carmem Lúcia Colomé Beck, Luis Felipe Dias Lopes, Tânia Solange Bosi de Souza Magnago, Francine Cassol Prestes, Juliana Petri Tavares
Prevalence hypertensive syndrome gestational in maternity reference: descriptive study HTML
Jamile Lopes Moraes, Amanda Souza de Oliveira, Marta Maria Soares Herculano, Camila Chaves da Costa, Ana Kelve de Castro Damasceno
Distressful symptoms related to chemotherapy from the perspective of children: a qualitative research HTML
Isabelle Pimentel Gomes, Neusa Collet
Women´s satisfaction with childbirth’ experience in different models of care: a descriptive study. HTML
Nádia Zanon Narchi, Carmem Simone Grilo Diniz, Carla de Almeida Vieira Azenha, Camilla Alexsandra Scheneck

Analysis and Comments

PopSaúde: pitching proposal for the Health TV and open education HTML
Isabel CF da Cruz
Palliative care: a conceptual analysis HTML
Alana Tamar Oliveira de Sousa, Jael Rúbia Figueiredo de Sá França, Maria Miriam Lima da Nóbrega, Maria das Graças Melo Fernandes, Solange Fátima Geraldo da Costa
Nursing interventions on the needs of people with spinal cord injury: an integrative review HTML
Adriana Santana de Vasconcelos, Inacia Sátiro Xavier de França, Alexsandro Silva Coura, Francisco Stélio de Sousa, Rafaella Queiroga Souto, Hemília Gabrielly de Oliveira Cartaxo
Early diagnosis of HIV in the elderly population: a brief review of the literature HTML
Rúbia Aguiar Alencar, Suely Itsuko Ciosak
Communication faces in the practice of nursing. A bibliographic research HTML
Thalita Rocha Oliveira, Sonia Mara Faria Simões
Quality of nursing records and standardized language: literature review HTML
Graciele Fernanda da Costa Linch, Maria Müller Staub, Eneida Rejane Rabelo

Thesis and Dissertations Abstracts

Describe the network health care in the Nova Iguaçu county: Situational analysis. HTML
Roberto Santos Oliveira, Marilda Andrade
The meaning of neonatal surgery in congenital malformations: the maternal vision for the nursing care HTML
Adriana Teixeira Reis, Rosângela da Silva Santos
Teaching to take care: The nurse and caregiver familiar in home care elderly. HTML
Neusa Maria Azevedo, Fátima Helena Espirito Santo

Undergraduate Research Training

Fast HIV screening test for parturients: a quantitative study HTML
Aparecida Neuritianny Chaves Gondim, Amanda Souza de Oliveira, Ana Carolina Maria Araújo Chagas, Paula Renata Amorim Lessa, Bartira Nunes Barbosa, Ana Kelve de Castro Damasceno
The social net in families with newborn infants at risk during the first year of life: prospective study HTML
Fernanda Baptista Marques, Elen Ferraz Teston, Mayckel da Silva Barreto, Mara Cristina Ribeiro Furlan, Sonia Silva Marcon